Hi. My name is Zach Green; I'm a software developer and a writer. I currently work at GetYourGuide in Berlin. I used to work at the MIT Technology Review, and before that, at Alley Interactive. You can find me on GitHub and Twitter, or you can email me at If you feel like reading more, have a look around. Thanks for stopping by.

Running Lighthouse in CircleCI

Recently I set up Lighthouse to run in CircleCI. At the time, I wasn't able to find many resources online about how to do this, so I'm posting my work here.

Back to RSS

I've started using RSS again. For a long while there I was mostly remembering to check a handful of sites and relying on Twitter for everything else. Both of these are bad solutions: haphazard, unorganized, habit-forming. So, RSS: it's been around a long time, it still works, and almost every site I read uses it.

Try again

Hi, there. I'm trying this blog out again.

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