Hi. My name is Zach Green; I'm a software developer and a writer. I currently work at GetYourGuide in Berlin. I used to work at the MIT Technology Review, and before that, at Alley Interactive. You can find me on GitHub and Twitter, or you can email me at zhgreen@gmail.com. If you feel like reading more, have a look around. Thanks for stopping by.

Running Lighthouse in CircleCI

28 April, 2018

Update (October 2, 2018) The code in this post uses v2; it needs to be slightly modified to work with v3. To skip straight to a working…

Back to RSS

26 January, 2018

I've started using RSS again. For a long while there I was mostly remembering to check a handful of sites and relying on Twitter for…

Try again

10 January, 2018

Hi, there. I'm trying this blog out again. It's now running on gatsby.js . It used be powered with a static site generator that I wrote…

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