Try again

Hi, there. I'm trying this blog out again.

It's now running on gatsby.js. It used be powered with a static site generator that I wrote myself, but I never used it, and never had time to improve the software underlying it. I thought I might rather not use a static site generator this time around, and even wrote a markdown server that I intended to use to power the blog. It was an interesting project: micro-markdown uses Zeit's micro, so it's all async/await. But, I ended up with the same problem I had before: writing custom software for a solved problem. Lots of folks have written about this problem before, but James Long's blog post stuck with me. Maybe I'll find another use for micro-markdown in future. For now, gatsby.js seems like a good choice, for all the obvious reasons: it uses tech that I know, it's actively developed, and it has a large and growing open source community behind it.

'Til the next one, then. See you around.

Hi. My name is Zach Green; I'm a software developer and a writer. I currently work at GetYourGuide in Berlin. I used to work at the MIT Technology Review, and before that, at Alley Interactive. You can find me on GitHub and Twitter, or you can email me at If you feel like reading more, have a look around. Thanks for stopping by.

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